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I am a big fan of crossword puzzles. That doesn’t mean that I’m all that great at them, but I certainly enjoy the challenge. I like trivia and crosswords are like mini trivia games for me. For today’s holiday I wanted to attempt the holy grail of puzzles – The New York Times crossword. Unfortunately, I could not download it unless I paid for a subscription….not gonna happen. So, I found the next best thing – The USA Today crossword. I’m sure this one wasn’t nearly as mind mushing as The Times, but that was probably better for me. They let you do it online, but I prefer to have the good old fashion printed version. Here I am exercising my brain muscles:

I also found a site that lets you create your own crossword puzzles. This could come in really handy for showers, family gatherings or a just for the heck of it entertainment. I created a puzzle using clues about myself that can be found in this blog. If you take the time to solve it and send me a picture, YOU will get a special prize!

One minor correction: 2 Down should say Teen sensation THAT I love. Also, I noticed some of the grid lines disappeared. Follow the standard size of the squares and you’ll be on point. Happy crosswording!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Crossword Puzzle champion at work. I don’t even think I could read the clues this quickly:


P.S. – Nerd alert! I’m only saying that because I’m insanely jealous of his mad skills.