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I have never been a regifter. I think there are two reasons for this. One – I pretty much like anything and everything I am given as a gift (I’m not too picky, although if you ask Rich he will give you a different story). Two – I just feel bad giving away something that someone bought specifically for me, it seems to be not so nice. I thought about how I would celebrate today’s holiday in a way that would not offend anyone. How would you feel if you saw me packaging up something you gave me? OR how would you feel receiving a gift that you obviously knew I was regifting? (Darn blog, you see my every move!) Instead, I decided to regift a present we already gave to Roman. This is a totally harmless regifting. He doesn’t remember getting it and he probably won’t care about it when he receives it again….for the third time. That’s right, I said third. I originally wrapped these totally rad Toy Story wall decals to give him on his birthday:

He ended up getting so many gifts, I just decided to hold onto that one and add it to his Christmas gift pile. Then, last weekend, we went to the Farmington Hills kids Christmas party and had to bring a gift for ‘Santa’ to give our kid. I put Santa in quotes because he was obviously not the real Santa. The real Santa only comes on Christmas, everyone knows that. So, Roman got this present since it was already wrapped. Here he is looking perturbed because he doesn’t like fake Santas. The only thing that kept him from a complete spaz-out was the fact that he was getting a gift:

He opened it and promptly chucked it aside. I know, wall decals are not the most thrilling thing to a one year old. So, he is going to receive it once again for Christmas. Yippee! The gift that never stops giving!! If I keep it up, I can probably keep regifting this to him for the next two or three years…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


So, me being a genius and all, really thought there was such a thing as cat herders. I am mistaken. Maybe I was just hoping there were dudes out there on horses herding all the feral cats in the land into a big meowing, clawing, hissing mess. Instead Cat Herders Day is about this:

“A idiomatic saying that refers to an attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are uncontrollable or chaotic. Implies a task that is extremely difficult or impossible to do, primarily due to chaotic factors.”

Thank you for that, Wikipedia. I have never heard this saying before. I like the real cat herding idea better to be completely honest. Although, by true definition, I frequently feel like a cat herder at my job. I suppose I can adopt this nifty new saying and make myself sound a little more intelligent. Or everyone can look at me like the crazy cat lady, either way I’m sure it will go over well. In honor of Cat Herders Day, I chose to try to corral my own kitty cats. Here are their reactions:

Complete annoyance and total lack of respect. I’m sure they will get me back for this by meowing in my face promptly at 3AM, can’t wait for that.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

 Clip of the Day:

They do exist! I knew it!

P.S. – looks like a pretty rough career path…better get those rabies shots.