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Quit monkeyin’ around! Oh wait, it’s Monkey Day so it’s okay today. The origins of Monkey Day begin on a strange college campus in the far, far away land of East Lansing. Yes, that’s right. Michigan State, baby. It sounds like it all started very randomly actually, with one dude deeming December 14th, Monkey Day. That’s all you have to do to get an official holiday these days. It spread throughout the comic book world and now Monkey Day is celebrated around the world. Peter Jackson’s movie remake, King Kong, was released on the 5th anniversary of Monkey Day in 2005. Coincidence? I think not. One of the MSU Monkey Day founders currently maintains a blog about various monkey attacks, monkey science experiments and other totally weird monkey related info. Oh those MSU kids, they’re a crazy bunch! I like monkeys. In fact they are usually one of the more fun animals to see at the zoo. I wish I could have gone to the zoo today. Stupid work…stupid rain….stupid winter…all those factors were against me and my monkey viewing. Instead, I found a few cool monkey crafts and toys to play with today. First, I found this monkey face kit:

I thought about giving it to Roman (completely ignoring the 6+ age suggestion), but then I realized those googly eyes would have went straight down his throat. So, I put it together myself and had a little monkey fun:

I also found one of those things that you put in a bowl of water and it gets super duper huge. 600% bigger to be exact….hmmm….really? 600%? I may need to test that theory:

What is the appeal here? I am still fascinated by this for some reason, but it really isn’t all that fun when it comes down to it. It’s not like you can do anything with it after it gets all bloated. It’s usually slimy and gross feeling. I still like it though, despite its complete lack of entertainment value. I will post the picture of how big it gets during this month’s wrap-up. I know you all are just waiting with baited (banana) breath!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2 – I like dollar bin stuff!

Clip of the Day:

Who doesn’t love a compilation of silly monkey clips?

P.S. – My favorite is the ‘Chimp with a Smoking Problem.’ Well, I bet he wouldn’t have a problem if SOMEONE wasn’t giving him cigarettes….seriously. It’s not like he’s going out and buying them himself…