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You may have noticed, there are a lot of food holidays this month. I have been trying to avoid them, but it was inevitable during the holiday season. To make them a tad bit more entertaining I am looking for inventive ways to celebrate. Today, for Cocoa Day, I took this opportunity to make some cute Christmas filler gifts. Everyone knows what these gifts are. You know, the random crafty stuff you make to add to a gift basket or tape on top of a bigger present. I found this nifty idea and went with it. First step, impale a marshmallow on a straw (I only had my giant marshmallows, but I figured that was okay):

Next, melt some chocolate and dip it in…then dip into some holiday sprinkles:

Let harden:

Package up all nice and pretty with a packet of hot chocolate mix:

Of course, you have to taste test them to make sure they are okay before giving them to anyone else. I used one of my sweet Hot Cocoa Keurig pods – thanks, Rosa!

I thoroughly savored my hot cocoa today. The chocolate marshmallow dipper definitely enhanced the flavor. Fun and easy gift for all those cocoa lovers out there.

Total Cost to Celebrate: Only about $3 bucks for the bags and sprinkles, cheap!

Poll of the Month:

Instead of a clip or song, here is this month’s poll!!

P.S. – I did not include spending time with friends and family or having time off work because those two are a given for most people. 🙂