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December 12th Holiday


Poinsettia plants are everywhere this time of year. I happen have some fake ones that I put out at Christmas (during the years I actually decide to decorate….). I usually do not get the real plants because I heard they are poisonous for cats. Knowing my super smart kitties, the would chow down on that thing like there was no tomorrow. During my investigating for today’s holiday, I found out that it is actually an urban legend that poinsettia plants are poisonous. Good to know! I did purchase a real plant this year specifically for this holiday. Miss Karri was selling them for a fundraiser so it all worked out quite nicely. I have kept it at my office though, it’s a nice festive decoration:

I also can use it to hide behind, how convenient:

I discovered today that the colored parts are leaves, not flower petals. The flowers actually are in the yellow groupings in the middle of the red leaves. Who knew? Now I have another plant in my office that I have to try to keep alive. At least this one only needs to last for a few more weeks!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $10

Clip of the Day:

How to take care of your poinsettia plant….I probably should take some notes:

P.S. – Fire!