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December 9th Holiday


Emmett Kelly was born on this day in 1898. He created the circus persona, Weary Willie. Weary Willie is said to be the most famous clown in history. He was the first sad clown ever. He never smiled and always kept in character as the down and out, shabbily dressed clown. Although he always appeared depressed and sad, Weary Willie brought a lot of joy to circus goers throughout the years. One of the suggestions on how to celebrate today’s holiday was to ‘act like a clown’. I basically act like a clown most days, so this wasn’t that far of a stretch for me. I thought it would be neat to try to learn how to juggle like a clown. I was thinking of what I had in my house that I could use for this experiment. I decided that using pool balls would be good. They are all the same size and weight, so perfect choice, right? I told Rich about how I was going to try juggling and he suggested using rolled up socks. Wow. I think he just saved me a few broken toes. I’m really smart sometimes. Rich gave me a remedial lesson and I got to work:

Needless to say, I think juggling takes a lot of practice. I cannot get down the balance or throwing or something. I will have to work on it to perfect my form. THEN I can move up to the pool balls!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Picture of the Day:

Since Weary Willie was popular so long ago, there are no clips with him in it. Instead here is a picture of the sad clown himself:

P.S. – Clowns are still creepy, sad or not.