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I have a serious question…does anyone really ever crave cotton candy? I honestly cannot believe that is possible. Cotton candy is like eating flavored air, how could anyone ever really desire that? Yeah, I like cotton candy, but do I seek it out? No. Sure, I’ll eat it every so often if it presents itself to me. A fair or carnival, baseball game, zoo, you know the places. For today’s holiday, I did have to seek it out. It was quite the mission. Since I have never purchased cotton candy at an actual store, I was befuddled at where to find it. Rich went to the grocery store today and a drug store and came home empty-handed. We had to go to another drug store and finally, success!

Hmmm….this was new to me. I read on the back that the ‘fluff’ inside could be one or more of 4 flavors. Oooooh, a surprise! It turned out to be blue (flavor still indistinguishable) and pink (pretty much tasted the same as the blue):

Rich had some too, because I forced it upon him:

In that one little bag there are 110 calories….talk about empty carbs right there. A bag full of semi-flavored sugar, yummy! I did enjoy the few bites I had though. I looked for something fun to do with cotton candy other than just eating it today, but there was nothing good. It’s too sticky to make crafts with and it doesn’t mix with anything else in the culinary realm. So, here’s to Cotton Candy Day…I need to go brush the sugar grit off my teeth now.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1.19

Picture of the Day:

Completely off topic….I received my Reddit Secret Santa gift today! A Sephora OPI nail polish gift set, a lip gloss set and a pretty scarf:

P.S. – Jackpot, baby! You better believe I’m doing this again next year!