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Good ol’ St. Nick. St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, not so much in the United States. There are many different variations of St. Nicholas out there. They all have a few things in common though: St. Nicholas is a protector of children, he brings gifts and treats to all the good boys and girls, and he pretty much looks the same in all cultures (husky, with a white beard). On St. Nicholas Eve, all the kiddies put their shoes under the chimney, outside their doors, or on their doorstep to be filled with sweets and gifts from St. Nick. You can see how this tradition has been translated here in America, we put our stockings out to receive treats from Santa. To celebrate today’s holiday, I put Roman’s teeny tiny shoes outside of his bedroom door last night. I even put a shoe out for Rich, just in case St. Nicholas was feeling generous. In the morning we were all happy to see that St. Nicholas had visited us:

 Roman was excited about his treats:

Rich was glad to get recognized for all his good deeds this year too. I didn’t get a pic of him since he did not get his gift until much later. I really screwed up with this holiday, I completely forgot to put a shoe out for myself. Shoot. I missed out. Maybe I will get some extra treats on Christmas to make up for it (hint, hint, Rich….errr…I mean St. Nick).

Total Cost to Celebrate: $8

Song of the Day:

Jolly Old St. Nicholas  – it is the song with the lyrics, no singing so you have to sing it yourself:


P.S. – I always knew he was a creep, it even says so in the song…