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If anyone thought they were going to see a picture of me partying it up in a bathtub, think again. I’m not that kind of girl and you know it. Although, I did have a pretty fun bathtub party dancing to some Backstreet Boys my senior year of college…my roomies will know what I’m talking about. For today’s holiday, I decided to make Roman’s nightly bath a little more festive. I added some additional partygoers to his usual fiesta. As you can see from his happy face, Roman likes to party:

There were even more guests, but Roman decided to test their breath holding powers. Sink or swim time, baby. It started to get a little rowdy so I had to break it up. All those ducks are out of their quacking minds, seriously. I think I may have to go and have a bathtub party for myself now. It may include a nice glass of wine…yes, this sounds like a fantastic plan. Happy Bathtubbing!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


So, you wish to be Ninja, no? First, you must dress like Ninja. Be one with the shadows, blend into the night:

Next, you must learn to fight like Ninja. Ninja = stealth, killing machine:

My Ninja powers are so strong I am beginning to become invisible.

Now, you acquire Ninja weapons. Deadly shurikens (throwing stars to you lamens) are good start:

Finally, you always follow Ninja code*:

  1. Try to fight in mid-air whenever possible.
  2. Always run sideways when possible. With proper application you can run through walls.
  3. Try to use the swords of your enemies whenever possible. This way you can throw them into other bad Ninja without having to worry about retrieving it later.
  4. Always carry a spare Ninja uniform. You never know when you will need to change into something less dirty in mid-battle.
  5. Always wear a mask. You never know when you will see someone that you don’t want to see you.
  6. When jumping far distances, always roll up into a ball. It will give an extra 50 feet of jumping height.
  7. Always use your Ninja name when speaking to each other in battle.
  8. Never store shuriken in your underwear.

*Ninja code courtesy of entertheninja.com.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

Everybody Needs a Ninja:

P.S. – I don’t need a Ninja….I am NINJA.