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December 4th Holidays


From what I can tell, Wear Brown Shoes Day came about because someone was sick of wearing their standard old black shoes. In days past, black was the go to shoe that matched everything. Today, I think brown shoes are making a pretty strong push. Especially brown boots. I personally think they look better than black boots and they match pretty much everything. I used today’s holiday to have a mini shoe fashion show. Here are a few (yes, these are not all of my brown shoes….I have a problem, I’m aware of this fact) of my brown kicks that I wear regularly:


Ankle booties



Casual boots

Dress boots

Think I need any more brown shoes??

Total cost to celebrate: $0


I thought about learning how to play Craps for this holiday, but then I remembered how bad I am at learning new games on my own. I came up with the second best dice game to play, Yahtzee!

I love playing Yahtzee. We used to play all the time in college and I actually introduced the game to Rich. Although it doesn’t seem like it, Yahtzee is somewhat a game of skill. You have to strategically pick how you record your rolls. It is still a game of chance though, the dice will always have the final say. Rich and I played a game of Yahtzee tonight while watching the Lions stink it up against the Saints. BeBe was quite intrigued by the dice as you can see:

Rich ended up beating me by 16 points. Damn you top section bonus! Neither of us got a Yahtzee either so we didn’t get to yell out in glee. I will do so now via caps lock elation – YAHTZEEEEEEEE!!!!

Total cost to celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

 Classic Yahtzee commercial:


P.S. – Whoa, these people are freaking pumped to play some Yahtzee!