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December 3rd Holidays


I have not worn ear muffs since middle school, maybe even earlier. I can appreciate the whole concept of them though. It’s sort of the same way I feel about headbands. Cute, functional, but they hurt. Headbands hurt and ear muffs are just like headbands except they just squish down on your ears, ouch! I know they have much more ergonomic versions these days, but I guess it’s not really my style. I looked for ear muffs for today’s holiday and did not find any of the classic versions. At Target they only had the ones that wrap around the back of your head for $15 bucks. I wasn’t willing to pay that for something I knew I would never wear again. So, I called upon my Mom to help me out. I borrowed her ear muffs which I am actually fairly certain were the ear muffs I mentioned wearing in middle school. Yes, yes I’m sure they are the same ones. I remember because I was attempting to make ear muffs a little more cool and decided to cut the faux fur off of the band portion. It didn’t make them more cool. Here I am rocking the modified muffs:

We were on our way to a wedding. I had intentions of getting a bunch of other people to put them on and take pictures, but that didn’t pan out. I left them in the car (along with my flat shoes for dancing) and never went and got them. Instead I got sore feet and one solo picture. Either way, I had fun with the ear muffs and dancing at the wedding. Winner!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Today’s holiday encourages us to appreciate what we have, beginning with the roof over our head. Having a place to live and call your own is one of the most necessary needs for people. Shelter, food, water. Those are the basics. Our houses/apartments/condos/whatever you have protects us from the elements and is our little piece of this big world. I fully appreciate my house. Even though we are currently in the process of trying to leave it, I still love it. It is Rich and I’s first home and it will always hold a special place in my heart. It is the first place that was all our own, the first place I could decorate however I wanted, the first place we had our first baby’s room and the first house Roman grew up in. There have been many firsts. Hopefully it will soon be the first house we have sold! I appreciate the fact that we are able to have the luxury of owning our own home. I kept meaning to take a picture of our house to post on here, but every time I remembered it was dark out. Go figure. Dark in December? Weird. I am grateful I have my nice, warm, cozy house to cuddle up in on cold days winter days!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

EAR MUFFS! From Old School. This isn’t the best clip, but all the other ones have been removed because of that pesky copyright infringement:


P.S. – I have a feeling we are going to have to start doing this with Roman soon…