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November 2nd Holiday


As some of you may recall from Egg Day, I do not do well with frying food. I have an issue with temperature. It is either way too hot and just fries the hell out of whatever I’m dumping in there, or it’s not hot enough and I end up with soggy, gross food. So, I had some reservations about today’s holiday. I found a recipe for apple fritters and got to work on mixing up the batter:

As I was searching for ingredients in our cupboard, I came across the candy thermometer I bought for Penuche Fudge Day. Lightbulb!! I can measure the temperature of the oil to make sure it is where it is supposed to be. Duh. Luckily, probably for the first time ever, I was right on the money. I dropped the apple dough in and was happy to see that it was frying up to perfection. Look at these perfect little puffs:

They tasted pretty good too, sort of like a gooey applely donut:

I didn’t realize how many different types of fritters there are out there, but I suppose you can basically fry anything. I even found a recipe for leftover Thanksgiving stuffing fritters! We had just thrown out the last of our stuffing the day before so we didn’t get to experiment with that one. Next year.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4

Song of the Day:

I could put a random clip of some fritter related video up here (there are zillions of them), but I know no one is interested in that today. Instead, please enjoy my favorite song of the moment:


P.S. – I loved this video so much, I actually like Chris Martin now.