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Today marks the first time in my life I purposely watched the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting special on television. Sure, I have stumbled across it in the past, but I typically wouldn’t watch too much of it. I like the lighting of the tree, but all the other filler I can do without. Tonight’s entertainment lineup included: Tony Bennett, Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Big Time Rush, Carole King, Katharine McPhee, Javier Colon, Neil Diamond and The Radio City Rockettes. What’s that? Justin Bieber? I’m sold! The bad part about this whole thing was that they dragged it on for an entire hour. For real, the actual lighting of the tree lasts approximately 30 seconds, and that’s being generous. I suppose I could have just watched the last 5 minutes and been golden. I did (mostly) watch the whole shebang though. I mean, Roman’s bedtime routine was mixed in so I may have missed a snippet here and there. I’m not going to lose sleep over it. It all culminated with the actual lighting of the tree: 

I’m sure me taking a picture of it on my tv is reasonably comparable to seeing it in person….riiiggghhhttt. This is how Roman felt about the whole thing, classic: 

I also was able to light up our own Christmas tree this evening: 

Roman has been terrorizing it since it was put up yesterday…and I was worried about the cats! 

Fun Fact: The annual tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center creates traffic mayhem every year and is one of the city’s official Gridlock Alert Days. I guess I figured every day in New York City could be considered an Official Gridlock Alert Day, who knew?

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0




Ohhhhh, mousse…fancy! Why does mousse seem so swanky to me? I don’t know really. It’s not something I make regularly…or ever. I’m sure I’ve made some form of it sometime or another, but it is definitely not something that is on my go-to dessert list. Since I am perpetually trying to eat healthier I found a recipe that was not so terrible. This means I’m using non-fat cool whip in lieu of heavy whipping cream and sugar, skim milk instead of whole milk and non-fat sugar-free pudding instead of the good, I mean fat/sugar laden version. Well, this just sounds like it’s going to be extra tasty now, doesn’t it? Since I don’t eat mousse every day, I suppose I won’t know what I’m missing out on, right? So, here goes nothing. Blending all the ingredients together: 

Using my most impressive glassware and a raspberry garnish to class it up a bit: 

Sampling a taste: 

I purposely left my work clothes just to prove to everyone that I’m not a total slob all the time. I was looking at my last few pictures and I look like I just woke up in most of them. All that aside, the mousse was fantastic! My Mom was over so I pushed some on her. This was easy since it is the ‘good for you’ version. Here are Mom and Rich savoring some mousse: 

Mom just came in and Rich was on his way out, that’s why they both have their coats on (Rich’s coat has some weird reflective stuff on it so that’s why it looks all crazy). Roman got a teensy taste too: 

Yummy treat today. Easy to make and not even that bad for you!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4.56


Clip of the Day:

C’mon, like you couldn’t have predicted this one? Of course it is the clip of JB and his sugary sweet singing voice from tonight’s performance. It’s someone’s camera phone so it’s a tad bit shaky and you hear a lot of girls screaming throughout:


P.S. – With special guest, Usher! That’s right, Usher is now the special guest of Justin Bieber. Oh, how the tables have turned.