Most visited post – November 3rd – You can’t have your sandwich and eat it too.

November 3rd – Sandwich Day Poll – We have a 3 way tie! Turkey, PB&J and grilled cheese all the winners. They all sound delicious to me!

November 7th – Tongue Twister Day – I only had one respondent who was able to do the clover tongue maneuver. Now I feel even more special.

November 8th – Election Day – I am happy to report that everything and everyone I voted for won! My votes were heard.

November 15th – America Recycles Day – We have continued on with recycling and let me say, it is turning into quite the affair. I cannot believe how much stuff we used to throw away. So far we have packed full about 2 of those storage bins, and that’s just in 2 weeks!

November 17th – Guinness World Record Day – I have received my Secret Santa match. I also was contacted, anonymously of course, by my Secret Santa asking some questions about my likes and dislikes. I’m excited to send and receive the gifts. Stay tuned!

Total amount spent celebrating the month: $174.13 – oh yeah! I’m doing better each month with paring down my expenses.

Most expensive holiday this month: Humane Society Day – $30

My personal favorite holiday celebration this month: Button Day