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Cyber Monday is the online shopping version of Black Friday. I have been getting Cyber Monday e-mails from dozens of stores throughout the entire weekend. These people can’t just stick to one day anymore. They have to have Black Friday week and Cyber Monday weekend, it is pure insanity! Since I did not participate in Black Friday, I figured I could partake in Cyber Monday this year. Much to my husband’s dismay, I have found a true love for online shopping. It’s easy, you can usually find a really good deal by ‘shopping around’ and it gets shipped right to your doorstep without you ever having to leave the house. Amazon has probably absorbed a good chunk of my spending money in the last year or so. I like to shop both in stores and online so it’s a no-win situation for me. For today’s holiday I perused the daily deals and e-mails via the all-knowing World Wide Web. I honestly didn’t see anything that I HAD to have. We are not huge Christmas shoppers so I don’t really need to buy that much in terms of gifts. I thought about something that I could really use and I realized I needed to print about a zillion pictures since I have been neglecting to do that for quite some time. I logged onto Snapfish and saw that they were running a Cyber Monday sale that featured 1 cent prints, half-off all orders AND free shipping! Triple bonus!!! Then the fun part began, going through my 2000+ pictures (no, I’m not kidding….and this is just from the last 4 months….) and uploading them to Snapfish. Several hours later I successfully uploaded 384 photos, phew! I ended up ordering 441 prints for one cent and some other size ones that were not on sale. I had to recover the Snapfish site about 15 times, it was all messed up due to the super duper deal. I also came to find out, after tediously picking out some photo gifts, that you are only able to use one coupon code per order…bummer. I ended up scrapping the photo gifts. I didn’t even have the energy to go back on there to do a second order. Here I am celebrating my sweet cyber deal:

Wow, all that online shopping really took a lot out of me. I’m not even going to bother trying to think or search for a Clip of the Day today, I’m beat.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4.41 – in all actuality I spent quite a bit more with the shipping and all, but without the deal it would have been $39.69 just for the prints. Yay for savings!