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I cannot recall if I mentioned this previously, but I went to Massage Therapy school several years ago. I did it as an extra side job for a while. My heart wasn’t really in it so I only practiced for a few years. School was fun though and I learned many interesting things about the human body. I am speaking about this because we had discussed auras in class. I believe in auras as well as the body’s chakras and energy fields. I also believe that some people are more intuitive about these things than others. Today’s holiday celebrates aura awareness. It encourages people to become more in tune with their own energies and the energies of others. I found this book to help me learn how to see and read the aura: 

Here I am studying away: 

I got the book a few weeks ago and haven’t had an abundance of time to read the whole thing. I basically have only gotten through the initial, “What is the Aura?” section. I flipped through the rest of the book and got the gist of what the remaining text entailed. It takes a lot of practice and concentration to actually be able to ‘see’ auras. There are a variety of exercises that the book guides you through to reach the point where you are actually accomplishing anything. Do I think that people can really see auras? I’m on the fence. Sure, I believe that people can interpret other people’s energies and can get good or bad vibes from them. I’m not so sure about the whole colors of the auras and all of that though. I did read that section because I found it to be intriguing.

It’s confusing because for each color there are positive and negative connotations. I guess you have to become a super aura reader to be able to distinguish the differences. Sounds like a lot of work for something I’m not sure has that amazing of a payoff. I will commit to finishing the book though and keeping an open mind. Boy, I’m starting to get a lot of homework assignments with these holidays!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5.82

Clip of the Day:

How to see auras, a mini tutorial for all those who are interested:


P.S. – What color is YOUR aura?