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Parades, football, turkey, family and friends. That’s what this holiday is all about. Oh, and being thankful of course! I am thankful for everything in my life. My family who is always there for me, my awesome friends, having a job, food, clothes on my back and disposable income, my health and just being alive! So much to be thankful for, I need to be reminded more often how lucky I really am. For Thanksgiving, Rich, Roman and I spent the afternoon with my family and the evening with Rich’s family. I took quite a few pictures to celebrate. I am thankful for having a great day today!

The special name cards I made for my family's dinner.


Roman looking dapper.

Table setting #1.

Roman with Uncle Steve, football and turkey...yay!

Vert family photo minus Mom (she was taking the pic). Thanks for making a great meal, Mommy!

Table setting #2.

Pretty bird!

Cousin Julie and Roman with Percy Penguin.

Dege/Stewart/Christian family photo minus a few members.

Roman enjoying some pie from Grandma.

As you can see, we have a lot to be thankful for. We had a busy day with lots and lots of great food and good times with family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $14 for name card dealios.

Song of the Day:

The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler:


P.S. – That clappin’s messing my head up man.