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I had never heard of Doctor Who until earlier this year. I happened to be watching the Today Show one morning and they were doing a piece on Doctor Who. This is the only exposure I have had to this phenomenon. After doing some research for today’s holiday, I was surprised to see how crazy popular this show really is. How come I had never heard of it before now? Well for one, it’s only mega famous in the United Kingdom. Not so much here in the U.S. Second, it’s a science fiction show and I’m not a huge fan of those types of shows. I found out that Doctor Who is in the Guinness World Records as the longest running science fiction show ever, as well as the most successful. Well, I must be out of the loop or something. When I looked for ways to celebrate this holiday, I ran into a lot of strange things that I didn’t understand. TARDIS, Daleks, Police Box, bow ties, and The Master. I had no clue what most of this stuff was supposed to signify. I also was confused to find out that there have been 11 different doctors throughout the span of the series. I guess the doctor is some sort of humanoid alien who changes shape and personalities every so often. Interesting way to keep things fresh and relevant I suppose. I found this sweet shirt that features the newest, and most attractive (yep, I said it), doctor to date: 

Hot. Did I mention that today is Roman’s first birthday too?!?! Yay!! Now I will always remember that Doctor Who Day is the same day as Roman’s b-day. I wore my shirt as we went out to celebrate our little boy becoming a man…well, a bigger boy.  I also did a search to see if Doctor Who was on and I set up our DVR to record an episode tonight at 4am. Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow. I have a feeling it’s going to be completely confusing since I am coming into this show with no prior knowledge about what is going on at all. Plus, I have a really hard time understanding British accents for some reason….should be interesting!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $15

Clip of the Day:

I found this exclusive clip of the Doctor Who 2011 Xmas Special:


P.S. – Yep, completely lost already….