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I cry every single time I walk into a Humane Society. Today was no exception. For today’s holiday, I looked on the Humane Society website for a list of donations that are needed. I found it with ease and was off to my favorite shopping place, Target. I set a limit of $30 bucks and got a lot of the stuff they had on their list:

The big ticket item here is the Swiffer pads, those things are pricey! Almost $7 bucks of my $30 went to those bad boys. Roman and I went up to our local HS and dropped off the supplies:

Since we were there, I figured we would go see the animals even though that is the part that always makes me sad. I asked if I could take pictures and they declined so I adhered to their request. Roman was in all his glory seeing all the cats and dogs. I was a mess, per usual. I feel so terrible for the old, sad looking dogs. I know those are the ones that have trouble finding homes. Everyone wants the cute puppies to take home, not the ones that have too many years on them already. I am happy to report that the HS facilities have greatly improved since the last time I was in there. The dogs are not in cages anymore and they all have separate rooms with beds and toys. It was nice and clean in there and the dogs all looked very well taken care of. I am a big advocate of the HS, they do everything they can to get animals into good homes. I know if we ever decide to get a dog (in the very distant future) we would go there to get one because those are the ones that are most in need. If it were up to Roman, we would have taken home about 4 or 5 new pets today!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $30


What a fun holiday! I really thought about this day and I noticed how I started to become overly realistic about it. I thought of things like, how would our country have money? How would we get anything done if no one had to work? How would we make everyone happy without some sort of government?? All these questions, I now realize, are irrelevant. If I am going to start my own country, I want it to be as fun as possible without any realism whatsoever. I know my country would fail miserably if put into our current society, that’s not the point. The point is I can do whatever I want, so here goes…..

My country would be named Happyland because that is the main goal in my world. Happiness. Everyone would be able to do whatever they wanted that made them happy, with one exception: your happiness cannot take away from anyone else’s happiness. This is where things get complicated in my head, but let’s not think that deeply here. If happiness to you is eating candy and chocolate all day, great! You won’t gain weight or get cavities in Happyland. If happiness to you is sleeping 14 hours a day and playing video games the other 10 hours, super! Everyone is an equal and everyone has equal assets. No government, no caste system. If you break the one rule in Happyland, you get booted though. That’s another thing Happyland has, no tolerance. If you can’t follow the simple golden rule, then you need to go somewhere else. In Happyland everything that you can imagine is real. Unicorns, Santa, Ewoks, you name it. I guess I have made this out to be somewhat like people imagine Heaven would be. Isn’t that what everyone wants though? Happiness? Everything they want? I know this isn’t overly imaginative, I’m sure if I tried to create a real country in today’s world my scenario would be much much different. I just want everyone to be happy though and unfortunately, that is not a feasible goal in the real world. In my pretend world it is though….and it’s glorious!!!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

Since I was not going to subject everyone to those heart wrenching Humane Society commercials, I went on the hunt for something to do with Start Your Own Country Day. I typed this into YouTube and this video popped up. I have no clue what this has to do with starting your own country, but I just had to go with it…it was too perfect. Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up:


P.S. – Such amazing dance moves. I just realized that I dance like I’m stuck in the 80’s….I’m okay with that.