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Hello! It is easy to say hello. It is nice to say hello. It is polite to say hello. Bottom line, you should say hello! Today’s holiday wasn’t too hard for me to celebrate. The organizers suggested saying hello to 10 people today. No problemo! I pretty much always say hi to people anyhow. At work, when I’m out walking around the neighborhood, shopping….wherever. It makes you feel better and people are then tricked into thinking you’re nice, it’s a win win! I also wanted to share this clip today because I did this a few times just to make Hello Day a little more festive:

That just never stops being funny. La la la.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


So, this holiday may be one of the most obscure ones that I have celebrated so far. There was very little information on it, but I did find a few things. An Alascatallo is what you get when you mix a moose with a walrus. Huh? Yeah, told you it was weird. This holiday is about celebrating Alaskan humor….I guess Alaskans think that breeding a moose with a walrus is funny…okay. The 2 dudes that came up with this holiday hold what they refer to as ‘the longest running, shortest parade in America’ in an alley behind a bar. The parade lasts 3 minutes and there is a prize for the smallest and ugliest float (it must be both). Participants and paradegoers are encouraged to come with Alaskan jokes and/or a picture of a current or past legislature. Hey, I can kill 2 birds with one stone on that one:

Ha Ha Ha! Yes, I know this is just a little mean-spirited, but how can you NOT think that Palin is a joke? Seriously. I also chose to celebrate by creating a small AND ugly float that I think would have been a pretty good contender in this year’s competition:

Roman’s wagon is getting a lot of play in this blog. I had to craft it while he was not around because he would have severely hindered the project. Exhibit A:

Well, Happy Alascattalo Day everyone!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

Hello by Martin Solveig & Dragonette. It was one of those ‘song in head’ days:

P.S. – Tennis anyone? I still have no clue how tennis is scored…