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Naming an inanimate object? Okay! Why not have a name for my PC? I used to have names for all my toys growing up, now my PC is probably my biggest toy. Instead of me referring to him (yes, he’s a he) as plain old ‘computer’, I have now deemed my PC to be….drumroll, please…..Petey! Interesting choice, no? I picked Petey because I have always wanted a pet named Petey. Since that never happened, Petey PC has come into effect. To take today’s holiday a step further I even changed the icon picture and updated the user name to reflect Petey’s new identity:

I know you can’t really see it in this picture, but believe me it’s there…among all those lovely fingerprint smudges. Maybe tomorrow when I get to work I will name my work PC. I have a feeling my name for that one may not be as nice.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Song of the Day:

I couldn’t really think of anything good for today’s holiday so I’m using this opportunity to share my favorite jam of the moment. Foster The People, Houdini:


P.S. – There is a one woman dance party happening right now in my living room.