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“Bryan, for example, has 37 pieces of flair on today…and a terrific smile.” Office Space, one of the best movies ever. Of course all the talk about the flair is pretty darn funny. Since today was button day and I had all the components to reenact the infamous Chotchkie’s flair wearing, I decided to give it a go! For the poor poor souls who have never had the pleasure of seeing Office Space and therefore have no clue what I am referencing, please click below.


Here is how I started Button Day: 

Nothing too crazy, right? Just a simple blue button button (that sounds silly) to celebrate. But wait….there’s a surprise inside: 

Oh baby, suspenders just waiting to be canvassed with happy buttons, aka flair. I skipped off to work with my bag ‘o buttons and vowed to add a new piece of flair every ½ hour: 

I had enough buttons to last me until 6pm. Here is the end product (with my extra special flair from today’s other holiday): 

Do you think Stan would approve? Am I expressing myself adequately enough? I sure hope so.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – I already had all these buttons on hand…yes, major nerd alert. The suspenders were from Thrift Store Day (Rich’s purchase).


I eat fast food more than I would like to admit. I went through a nice healthy (and skinnier) phase where I stayed away for it for a long time. It didn’t last. I like fast food because it tastes good, it’s cheap and it’s FAST! I know it’s bad for me, everyone knows that, but I still eat it. Sure, I feel guilty and hate myself for not choosing the healthier salad option, but I have no willpower. I debated today over whether to enjoy my fast food celebration for breakfast or lunch. I choose lunch. To make things just a little more interesting I decided to try something I have never had before. I went to McDonald’s, naturally, and gave the Quarter Pounder meal a shot. No, I have never tried the Quarter Pounder before. I just like the regular smaller cheeseburgers normally. I adore chicken nuggets and could probably eat them every single day of the week. Gross, I know. So, a new adventure was underway:

Delish! To reduce my fast food eating guilt I always get unsweetened iced tea to drink rather than pop. I’m not too much of a pop (soda for you non-Michiganders) drinker anyhow. Taking a big bite out of this Royale with cheese:

How come it always looks so much prettier in the commercials? So, that was the end of fast food day….or so I thought. I came home today and Rich had made a fabulous chicken caesar salad for dinner. I noticed he had a box on the counter from an old package of chicken I was meaning to throw away. Long story short, the salad was tainted by expired chicken and totally inedible. Boo. He offered to make a new one, but we were short on lettuce. Fast food day came back into effect. We opted for the family bundle pack from Burger King this time. Roman had a first taste of some chicken tenders, but he also crunched on his healthy apple fries. Here he is with his new crown:

Two fast food meals in one day….I feel like death….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $16

Clip of the Day:

An extra added bonus holiday is today, the anniversary of Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital. I have a feeling this was an important day in my mother’s life…

P.S. – Only in soap opera land can a rapist marry his victim….nice….