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Today’s holiday finally gave me that extra push to do something Rich and I have been talking about for years. Start recycling. I know I know I know, we should have been doing this since we moved into this house 5+ years ago. The thing is, good ‘ol GC does not have curbside recycling. Therefore, due to sheer laziness, we have not made an effort. Sure, we have talked about it and said how we really should be doing it, but alas….we failed. Today was different. Today I signed the Recycling Pledge, and when I sign a pledge I mean business:

I looked up the info for our city and even wrote down the address and hours of the recycling facility. Then it went smack dab onto the refrigerator:

Since our city does not offer curbside service that means they don’t offer recycling bins either. No worries, I created our own by simply using a spare plastic tub we had on hand. Look how much stuff I have gathered just from today alone:

This is a resolution I am really going to try to stick with. I think it is very important to keep the amount of waste in this country to a minimum. Although it may be a bit of a burden at times, I need to keep in mind that this is what we need to do give just a little back to Mother Earth. We have already taken so much, it’s time to do the little things that will make a big difference in the future.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Captain Planet, he’s our hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero! I used to hate this show, but I always loved the song:


P.S. – Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Wait…heart? What the hell does that have to do with anything?

P.P.S. – Did you know Phil Collins wrote this song? For reals. Look it up.