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As sad as it is for me to admit, I am no longer able to truly be classified as a ‘girl’. Yes, I’m all woman now. I’ve outgrown my girlish ways and entered into my late late 20’s on the brink of the dreaded 30. I suppose I’ll always be a girl at heart though, just with a lot more responsibility and accountability. To celebrate today’s holiday, I am honoring the newest girls I have the pleasure of knowing. Several of my friends have welcomed little daughters into their lives and they are conditioning them to grow up and take over the world. I am happy to know that I live in a generation where girls were raised to believe they could be whatever they wanted to be. Not like in years past where the only available occupations for girls were housewife, teacher or nurse. Girls really can, and do, rule the world. Whether we are at home tending to the house and the children, or off running a country, women are the ones truly making this world go round, in my humble opinion. So, here’s to all the girls out there aspiring for greatness….you can achieve it! I sent special cards out to commemorate today’s holiday to these precious girlies:

Elle and Clare



Watch out world, here they come!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $12


When I picked this holiday to celebrate, I had every intention of making my own pickles today. I did my research, found a good recipe and then went on my way to pick up all the elements. I was dismayed to find that the only available pickling cucumbers were the ones that I was warned not to buy according to my recipe. Hmmmm….maybe try somewhere else? Second store, same story. After thinking about it and coming to the conclusion that this is probably not the most optimal timing for good produce, I decided to bite the bullet, or pickle, and just celebrate the easy way. I went on over to Jimmy John’s today for lunch and picked a pretty pickle to purchase. Those things are huge!

Yep, no actual eating picture again….you’re welcome. Maybe next summer I can try my hand at pickling. If I remember far enough ahead, I can grow my own cucs and then I won’t have to worry about the crappy produce selection at the supermarket. Oh, if only I would actually remember this months from now….someone remember to remind me next May!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1

Song of the Day:

It, of course, had to be Run the World (Girls) by Miss Beyonce. LOVE this song:

P.S. – Yeah, I tried out for this video but they said they didn’t want me to steal the spotlight from B. Good decision.