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Let me start of by saying…Domino Day is intense. I looked this holiday up and realized people do not mess around when it comes to breaking the domino toppling world record each year. The bad thing is that I cannot seems to find any mention of them hosting an actual Domino Day this year. Hmmm….wonder why not? Maybe they realized they reached the full potential of domino toppling? Not sure, but either way I was still going to celebrate. Now, the last record I could find was from 2009. They set up 4,800,000 dominos and 4,491,863 fell, resulting in a 93.6% success rate. Wow, who is the schmuck that has to count how many of them actually fell? Sounds like a terrible job. I was just a tad bit less ambitious. Since my sweet domino set only contained a total of 28 dominos, that was my goal. Lofty, I know. Here is how it all went down:

100% success rate! I think I’m ready for the big show. This actually took me 3 tries to set up….with only 28 tiles. I blame it on the weird shape these things are now, they aren’t like the old school black and while blocky ones I used to have. Either way, Domino Day in my world was a great success!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3.84

Clip of the Day:

Domino Day 2008. The one for 2009 was over 10 minutes…pass:


P.S. – What did I tell ya? INTENSE! These people have a lot of free time on their hands…