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What do you think of when you hear the words: neon signs? Vegas!!! I suppose some people probably think of Times Square as well, but I think Vegas has got NY beat. Oh how I wish I could have gone to Vegas, or New York for that matter, to enjoy some amazing neon signage today. Instead, I had to make the best of it here in not nearly as fun Michigan. I found this ‘Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Wire’ on Amazon and knew it would be awesome for today’s holiday. Reading the reviews on it were almost worth the purchase. Some of my favorites were:

“I turned my X Box 360 into a TRON Box 360.”

“Great for Burning Man.”

“Got product to build a TRON costume.”

“I needed something that looked like the low back plate on the Master Chief for Halo CE.”

Interesting uses for the neon wires. I guess TRON is a pretty big deal in geek world, huh? I’m not saying that in a mean way at all, I guess I just don’t understand the allure of TRON. I will admit that I have never seen it though so I suppose I shouldn’t hate on it. Roman and I used the wire to turn ourselves into walking neon signs to celebrate the holiday. I had to dim the lights and use no flash so the pics are a little strange, but illuminating!  

Neony! That’s my new word of the day, like it? The wire comes in a variety of colors so you can light yourself up like a Vegas cowboy: 

Now that I have this wire I’m going to have to find some future use for it. Hmmm……

Total Cost to Celebrate: $11.50

Clip of the Day:

The TRON Guy on Jimmy Kimmel. The chick he goes on a date with is from Michigan and boy is she frisky!


P.S. – Nice butt.