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Did you know that Sadie Hawkins is not a real person? That’s right, she was a fictional character who appeared in the Li’l Abner comic strip. It was said that Sadie was quite the homely looking lady who became overly anxious waiting for suitors. In 1937, at the ripe ol’ age of 35, Sadie’s father proclaimed that a Sadie Hawkins Race Day would occur. They gathered all the bachelors in the town, lined them up and then told them to run for their lives. Sadie was then released and the man she caught was forced to marry her. Wow, sounds like a big step for feminism…sort of. The town spinsters appreciated this day so much that they made it a mandatory event every year. I wonder how this would pan out in modern society? Hmm…sounds like things could get a little scary. To celebrate the holiday, my pal Sara and I roped our hubbies into an evening filled with dinner and drinks…too many drinks:

Yes, you should be scared.

Sara wrangling in her man, Andrew.

Celebrating our victory.


Every time I hear about a Sadie Hawkins dance now I’m just going to picture a crazy hillbilly woman chasing down those poor men….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $20 – Not going to lie, I have no clue what we ended up spending. Since we had made the plans to go out anyhow, we didn’t really spend any special amount for the holiday specifically. I’ll just call it $20 for a few celebratory drinks.

Song of the Day:

Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K. The video is actually a high schooler’s class assignment:


P.S. – I’m completely lost on the storyline in this video, the song is good though!