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This year’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ World Championship event was held on November 4th – 6th. It began back in 1986 with a group of guys who were just messing around one day. They had a friendly competition to see who could throw a pumpkin the farthest. Since then, the event has grown exponentially. It now attracts 20,000+ people every year and is even televised. They have a variety of categories in which teams can compete. For example: Adult Human Power, Adult Catapult, Youth Air Cannon, etc. Sounds like a fun time if you ask me! They donate a lot of the money raised from ticket sales to charity. Launching pumpkins for the good of the world, yay! To celebrate this holiday Rich and I did what everyone wants to do with their old Halloween pumpkins, smashed them. It was dark out (since this was before Daylight Savings hit) so the pictures are sort of weird since it was on night mode:

Can you see my excitement??

My Green Goblin impression, enjoying my destruction.

Rich's beastly pumpkin.

I threw it on the GROUND!

Last one - Roman's pumpkin taking flight.

The end result.

Smashing pumpkins was just as fun as I expected it to be. I told Rich we should take it to the next level and just go down the street and smash everyone’s pumpkins. I’m sure our neighbors would be completely understanding. I also thought it would be fitting to take down a nice cold brewski while chunkin’ punkins’:

Oh yeah, I’m special and got a commemorative beer koozie from this year’s World Championship. I think I’ll bust it out again when they televise this year’s event on Thanksgiving night – 8pm on the Discovery and Science channels. Be there!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $5


Song of the Day:

So many Smashing Pumpkins songs to pick from. I finally settled on Cherub Rock:

P.S. – I forgot how strange Billy Corgan looks with hair.