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Well, this was a first. I have never made food specifically for my cats. Sure, I give them ‘people food’ every now and then. Sometimes I even get them some of that extra special Fancy Feast for special occasions. I have never homemade food for them though. I barely have the gusto to make food for myself and Rich. Now I have Roman to feed on top of that! Surely the cats have become an even further afterthought in the food department. I buy them their giant bag of dry cat food and I’m good for a month or so. To celebrate today’s holiday I looked up recipes for homemade cat food. Surprisingly, there wasn’t too much to it. Meat, veggie, broth. Okay, this requires little to no skill, I think I’m good to go! I mixed together some chicken, steamed carrots and beef broth for my kitty cats. Here is the final product:

Well, it looks just like the gross wet cat food that you buy at the store. Let’s see if the cats approve, Bebe was the first up:

She tried it, but didn’t seem overly impressed:

Roxy had herself a nibble or two:

Overall, this next picture sums up their true feelings:

Hmmmm…..mmmmmm…..even the cats don’t like my cooking. At least they tried it, they get cuddle points for that.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

Ultimate Dog Tease. I really thought this dog was talking for a minute….I’m not kidding:

P.S. – I think they got his voice spot on!