October Follow-Up

  • Most visited post – October 4th – Tacos and Vodka? Is it my birthday or something?
  • October 21st – Results of this month’s Favorite Reptile poll….Turtles taking it with 75% of the vote! Snakes and crocs didn’t get any love at all.
  • Total amount spent celebrating this month: $185.89
  • Most expensive holiday this month: Pumpkin Day – $49….thanks to Rich’s beast of a pumpkin!
  • My personal favorite holiday celebration this month: Halloween, of course!

I also regret to inform all of you that Bella, the dog that lived at the Elephant Sanctuary, passed away this month. I got an e-mail the other day about it since I am now receiving all of their newsletters. Here is a link, it’s a very touching story (although very sad as well) http://elephants.com/newsStory.php?newsID=1320