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I am a big fan of checklists. I love making lists of things I need to do, it’s almost a compulsion for me. I like making lists much more than I actually enjoy doing the things on them. For today’s holiday I had a few things that needed to get checked off my list. First, get Roman in his Batman costume. This is not his Halloween costume, he has a different one for tomorrow. I found this snazzy getup for $5 bucks a month or so ago. How could I say no?

Check! Second, get a picture of him with the mask on:

Hmmm….I guess I get a half check on that one. Third, get my Halloween costume ready for work tomorrow. Check! I’ll save the pictures of that for tomorrow. I still have a few things left on my list that I haven’t done yet. One is finishing my laundry. Boooooo. I have a feeling that one will wait to be checked off for a few more days. Hey, it’s about making the list not actually doing everything on it. Mission accomplished! 

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


What lies deep in the darkest corners of your refrigerator? Today is the day to find out. It’s Haunted Refrigerator Night!!! (Insert screams of horror) I bravely searched through our icebox and found some scary sights:

OOOOOHHHH, it does look spooky in black and white, doesn’t it? The most offensive item was the leftover egg drop soup from Egg Day….ewwww:

I think I may have nightmares about that one tonight. Here is the rest of the yucky stuff that made its way to the trash tonight:

It doesn’t look too bad from the picture, but believe me everything was long past its consumption date. I didn’t find anything furry today, so that’s always a plus.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Candy corn is not one of my Halloween favorites. I’ll eat it if it is presented to me, but it’s not something I will buy for myself. I did buy some to celebrate the holiday today though. After picking up some traditional candy corn I came to discover that there are other variations:

I didn’t even know there were other flavors. This goes to show that I am usually not seeking this out. Are they trying to make this candy more desirable? I’m up for the taste test. I tried all three today and gave them all an equal shot. It turns out I like the regular kind the best (that’s still not saying much):

Rich liked the caramel candy corn. Neither of us cared for the caramel apple flavor, it tasted strange. Now that I have a massive amount of candy corn left over I’m going to have to think of something fun to do with it. Any ideas? Can I melt it down and make some better tasting candy???

Total Cost to Celebrate: $6

Clip of the Day:

Lewis Black: Candy Corn. This is completely true:

P.S. – I’ll take regular corn over candy corn any day of the week.