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I think I am finally ready to admit it…..I am a cat person. I fought it for years, but I now realize it is true. I like dogs, but cats are just so much easier. I have had a cat or cats as pets for the past 19 years. My first cat, Patches, was my birthday present on my 10th birthday. She is still kicking today, living at my parent’s house. My other cats, Roxy and Bulkhead (yes, Rich named her…I refer to her as BeBe) were a gift from Rich when I graduated college in 2004. I got them when they were only 5 weeks old, soooo tiny! Here they are when they were super duper cute:

Here they are now, first up is BeBe:

She’s our scaredy cat. She is afraid of everything, but she still likes to cuddle. Now on to Roxy:

Roxy has a big personality. She is definitely the domineering one of the pair and demands tons of attention. She gets a lot now, although mostly unwanted, from Roman:

Roman LOVES cats. I’m assuming it is because that is what he sees every day so that is what he likes the best. That picture is so funny because Roxy just meows and Roman attacks, it’s highly entertaining. One last picture of all my kitties:

The black and white one is Felix, he is unfortunately no longer with us. He was very very sweet. Now that I have succumbed to being a cat person I need to focus on avoiding turning into a cat lady when I get older. I have a limit of two….same with children…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



I thought it would be a good plan to sort of combine cat day and internet day. Heck, some of my favorite internet clips are of silly kitties! So, here we go, the best of YouTube: Cat Edition:

Wait a second….I AM turning into a crazy cat lady!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

P.S. – No need for a Clip of the Day today. Send me pics of your kitties and I will post them on the You Celebrating page!