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Pumpkin Day started off with a bang…literally. A truck on I-696 lost its load of pumpkins and sent them bouncing and smashing along the expressway. Here are some pictures:

They had to bring the snowplows out a bit early this year. Yikes! Check out those sparks!

What a way to start a holiday. My personal celebration wasn’t nearly as eventful. Rich, Roman and I went and picked out pumpkins earlier in the week to prepare. We planned on carving/painting them on Pumpkin Day, but I was a little under the weather with a lovely sinus infection. Roman decorated his though….along with his high chair, clothes and face: We decided it would be just a wee bit safer letting him paint his pumpkin rather than handing an 11 month old a carving knife. See, we are good parents after all! Have a look at his abstract art: 

Rich and I carved ours today, a day late but still with plenty of time before Halloween. Rich picked out a beast of a pumpkin that cost us a pretty penny. Nothing but the biggest and best for us! I opted to use one of the patterns we had, the Kitty Bat. Rich was a little more inventive and freelanced his design:


Total Cost to Celebrate: $49…..yep, told you he picked a pricey one!


Today’s holiday celebrates the first importation of Spanish jacks to the United States. They were a gift from King Charles III to George Washington in 1785. Hmmm….interesting. Sooooo…how to celebrate? I found a website that explains all the different names for the various horse/donkey/mule/etc. combos:

  • Ass – A member of the genus Equus with larger ears and smaller build than the horse. Group includes donkeys and burros but the term usually is used only for the wild versions.
  • Burro – Small donkey
  • Dam – Mother of any of these animals
  • Donkey – Either a male or female domesticated ass
  • Foal – Baby (either sex) horse or donkey
  • Gelding – Castrated male horse or donkey
  • Hinny – Sterile offspring of a stallion and a jennet
  • Horse – Means a horse, either a male or female
  • Jack – Uncastrated (intact) male donkey
  • Jennet – Female donkey (pronounced jenny)
  • Mammoth Jack – Exceptionally large uncastrated male donkey
  • Mare – Female horse
  • Mule – Sterile offspring of a jack and a mare
  • Sire – Father of any of these animals
  • Stallion – Uncastrated male horse

Whoa, nelly! That is more information than I ever cared to know about these animals. Are we going to have a pop quiz on this? I would fail miserably. I’m confident with horse though, I think I can probably remember that one at least. I feel bad for the undomesticated donkey that becomes a mother, hence Dam Ass. Dam Ass best be watching out for her son, Stallion. He’s hunting for a Jennet to make a little Hinny. I’m just going to stop there, I could have waaaay too much fun with this!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Bizarre Halloween Pumpkins, from people with crazy imaginations:

P.S. – I like the vomiting ones the best!