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Sourest Day is the cynic’s response to Sweetest Day. It is a day to basically be a sourpuss rather than a sweetheart. Since I already approached Sweetest Day cynically, I wanted to have a little more fun with this one. I bought some of the best sour candy on the market – Sour Patch Kids. After thinking for a little while about exactly what to do with these guys other than eat them, I got a brilliant idea. I made them into a flower bouquet for my hubby. Observe:

Snazzy, right? I had all the other materials here at home already. The bow was left over from my b-day flowers. I thought it was pretty inventive, but what did Rich think?

He loved his sour bouquet! Here he is enjoying his edible arrangement:

Just to get an extra jab in for today’s holiday I went ahead and helped myself to the Kit Kats I bought Rich for Sweetest Day. He hadn’t opened them yet (he had forgotten about them). I thought in the spirit of Sourest Day it would be nice to take back a little bit of my sweetness. Sour AND sweet today, yummers!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $2


Clip of the Day:

My favorite Sour Patch Kids commercial:

P.S. – I don’t think I would have been as calm if this were me. Those scissors may have been plunged into that gummy body instead.