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Breath in, breath out. Now repeat. The only time I am ever really conscious of breathing is when I’m at the doctor, underwater or gasping for air while exercising. Today’s holiday focuses on our lungs. I read some articles on ways to keep your lungs healthy and they are all pretty straightforward:

1.       Don’t smoke….duh.

2.       Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

3.       Exercise.

4.       Breath the cleanest air possible.

5.       Get your flu shot.

I was semi confused about the flu shot and then I realized that the flu heavily affects your respiratory system. Lucky for me my work gives us the shots for FREEEEE!!! It doesn’t seem to stop all the sickness from infecting everyone around there though. The downfalls of working in an office….ick. I can say that I mostly follow all of the healthy lung tips listed above. I have never been a smoker and I find it to be quite the disgusting habit. I’ll save my rant on that one….for now. For today’s celebration I decided to make this not-so-exciting holiday into something a little more fun. Exhibit A: 

Yep, that’s a wood ball blower. I thought Rich and I could have a little competition to see who has the stronger set of lungs. We each got 3 attempts to keep the ball in the air as long as we could. Here are a few pictures of us with our crazy-eyed cat and even crazier-haired baby:

I was feeling pretty light-headed by the end of our game! We didn’t let Roman try for a few reasons. First, he is sick so we don’t need to keep passing around this cold that has been haunting our family for about a month now. Second, he has not figured out how to blow out yet. Third, the ball is styrofoam so that means he would probably try to eat it…not a good idea. So, I bet you want to know who the winner is, don’t you? Rich took one turn and got 14.60 seconds. I subsequently took my 3 turns and never was able to beat his score. Fireman Rich has better lungs that me!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3

Clip of the Day:

Not one of my most clever, but still funny. I was looking for the Zoolander clip where he says he thinks he has the Black Lung after working in the coal mines for one day. They didn’t have that one on YouTube so I found this alternate scene….still references lungs at the end:

P.S. – Orange Mocha Frappuccino!