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Today is the 10th anniversary of the iPod. Can you believe it? Ten years already? I am only on my second iPod because I’m typically late to the game when it comes to technology. I got the Nano a few years back, purple of course. It suddenly decided to freeze one day and never functioned again. So, I upgraded to the iTouch. Let me tell you, I’m in love with my iPod. Seriously, love love. Rich jokes with me all the time about how I always have it glued to my hand. I use it for everything. E-mail, music, apps, shopping, you name it. I only will use my phone for this stuff if I do not have access to WiFi. Why I did not get an iPhone is still unknown to me, next time….Here I am showing my love to my iPod:

I am a huge fan of using the shuffle function when it comes to playing my tunes. Rich on the other hand, strongly dislikes when I do this due to the amount of songs I have on there that he loathes. I think it’s fun though. For kicks, I decided to shuffle it up and post the first 10 songs that roll through. No, I will not cheat either…no matter how embarrassing this could turn out….Yo DJ, spin that shhhhhh:

  1. Pathetic by Blink-182 – Of course Blink would pop up first, I have every one of their songs in here.
  2. Come Undone by Duran Duran – This was from Duran Duran Day awhile back. Can’t say I’ve really listened to it too much since.
  3. The Leaving Song Pt. 2 by AFI – Good AFI, pre-superpop.
  4. You Better Pray by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Sweet band.
  5. 7 Days by Craig David – Wow. Total college days song here.
  6. Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias – Michele, totally thinking of you!
  7. Turn This Boat Around by Matt & Kim – I heart Matt & Kim.
  8. Sucker by New Found Glory – Favorite band EVER.
  9. I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys – Dancing in the bathtub….crazy night.
  10. Burning Bridges by Mest – Stabbing people…yes, I said it. That’s all I can think of anymore when I hear Mest.

I think this is a reasonably fair representation of my musical tastes. I have a total of 1,708 songs to choose from on my iPod. Taking that into account I’m happy some of my favorites popped up instead of the random songs like The Bed Intruder Song. Yes, I downloaded that. I know I’m dumb, I’m really dumb…for real!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


My Mother-in-Law is not like all of those crazy Mother-in-Laws you see in movies. Is anyone’s really like that? Why do Mother-in-Laws get such a bad rap? My M-I-L is very very sweet and extremely kind and thoughtful. Her name is Gina and I married her one and only baby boy. She also has 3 daughters (all older than Rich). Gina is a recently retired school teacher. I think she is greatly enjoying her retirement so far, and she definitely deserves it. She has always been Rich’s touchstone when it comes to advice and I also find her insight to be valuable. Gina has a philosophical look on life while still maintaining humor and lightheartedness. I mean, she has to be able to not take life too seriously when raising a kid like Rich! I greatly enjoy hearing her stories of when he was little (and also am fearful that Roman is going to be too much like his Dad…eek!). Gina adores Roman and he takes advantage of her already. He knows he runs the show when he goes to Grandma Rendin’s house! I am grateful to have been given such a wonderful Mother-in-Law. Rich also has a Stepmom, Vickie. So that means I actually have TWO M-I-L’s. Vickie is also a very kind woman who I am happy to have in my life as well. Ironically enough, Vickie’s birthday is tomorrow and Gina’s is on Tuesday. Imagine that! To celebrate, I sent them both birthday/Mother-in-Law Day cards in the mail. Killing two birds with one stone, yippee! I hope everyone else out there got as lucky in the Mother-in-Law department as I did. If not, just remember In-Laws are a part of life……it can’t be as bad as what you are about to see in today’s clip….

Total Cost to Celebrate: $11

Clip of the Day:

New show on A&E, Monsters-In-Laws trailer:

P.S. – This starts tomorrow…think they were correlating with today’s holiday?