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Rich and I have belonged to a credit union since we bought our house. It is our one and only joint account that we pay all our bills from. To celebrate today’s holiday I thought it would be a good plan to open a savings account for Roman. Never too early to start, right? Roman’s first birthday is just over a month away so I figured this would be the perfect time. I would much rather put money in an account for him while he’s young than buy him more gifts. Although, I probably will buy him gifts too….I can’t seem to control myself! I was hoping that I could do this all online, but that was a no go. I hoofed it over to the DFCU by my work during my lunch break: As you can see, it was a fabulous day here in Metro Detroit. Cold and rainy, yuck. When I walked in I saw this: 

Oh yeah, don’t mind if I do! I like when I go to celebrate a holiday and find that others are actually celebrating too, it makes me extra happy! I opened a savings account for Mr. Roman and found out when he gets older the credit union offers a lot of fun activities and field trips for young savers. It is an easy way to teach kids about money management, very important in my book. On my way out I stopped at the ATM to get some funds: 

This adventure sucked up my entire lunch hour (they were having computer issues when I was in there) so I was pleased to also get a complimentary apple at DFCU (part of Credit Union Week): 

The good ones too, Honeycrisp….more expensive than steak (only Rich will get this joke). Since I deposited $100 bucks in Roman’s account he will be eligible to receive a $50 dividend in January. Bonus!!! As long as he maintains a $100 balance he will get $50 dollars each year. That means by the time he is 18 he will have earned $900! Yay for free money!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – I just transferred money from one savings account to another.

Clip of the Day:

I know this is not really funny or super entertaining, but I found it to be educational. The Difference between Banks and Credit Unions:


P.S. – Why do I still have a checking account at Bank of America? I’m pretty sure Satan is one of the shareholders there….