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Today is Noah Webster’s birthday. He is considered to be the Father of the American Dictionary. In honor of him and this holiday, the objective is to improve your vocabulary and realize the importance of dictionary skills. Especially in today’s world where everything is computerized and basically done for you, it is good to learn how to use a real dictionary. For my celebration I purchased a basic dictionary for Roman. He’s learning new words already!

Studying up:

This is a really basic dictionary, so there are really not too many new and exciting words in here. I did the old random flip to a page and point and here is what I came up with:

Use this in a sentence: It is getting quite chilly outside, I think I may have to bring out my overcoat soon.

Since all of these words are not really challenging, I decided to subscribe to the Word of the Day e-mails on Merriam-Webster.com. Here is the word I received today:

bumbershoot noun \BUM-ber-shoot\ DEFINITION: umbrella

Ooooh, that’s a fun one! I’m going to have to remember my bumbershoot next time it rains. Be on the lookout for my *new* words in future posts!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $1 – bargain!



I had seen this holiday on the horizon a long while ago. I mentioned it to my Mom and she naturally found a toy camera at a garage sale within mere days of the conversation. Roman doesn’t quite get the holding it up to the face part yet, but he likes to push the buttons and hear Elmo talk:

This camera has some educational tools on the back too. It spells out letters and teaches numbers and things like that. Pretty fancy for a toy camera, huh? Elmo is also very encouraging about all the ‘pictures’ you take. He says things like, “That’s a great one!” and “Pretty picture!” Oh that Elmo, always so uplifting! I tried my hand at toy picture-taking today too:

Of course, it was a great one. When Roman gets a little bigger I will get him a real toy camera that takes actual pictures. I know they make those for kiddies these days. I think it will be quite amusing to see the world through the eyes of a child. I’m sure there will be many pics of cat attacking, eating random stuff off the floor and tearing everything out of the cupboards. Yep, interesting subjects indeed.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Snippet from MadTV – Webster’s Dictionary. Literally made my head explode because it was so funny:

P.S. – Detroit?? Low blow bro, low blow.