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As noted on October 8th, I am going to use my Mulligan for the holiday Universal Music Day. This holiday is about, well…..music! More specifically it is about making music. I am not musically inclined, quite far from it actually. I have been told I am tone-deaf and have never learned how to play any instrument nor read music. So, I have some work to do today. The great thing about music is that anyone can make it. Something as simple as humming or tapping your pencil on a table can be considered musical. To celebrate today’s holiday I picked up some musical instruments for the Dege family. I chose the recorder for myself. My Uncle (who by the way has a Doctorate in Music and can play any and all instruments in the entire world….now you see where all the musical talent went in my family, huh?) gave me a really nice recorder when I was younger. He attempted to teach me how to play it as well as the piano. I did not take to it too well. I can play Chopsticks though! I think at one point in my life I could play Mary Had A Little Lamb on my recorder too. My musical genius is all coming back to me now. I got Rich a harmonica. Why? Not sure, it seemed like he would like it. For Roman I was not sure which instrument to pick, I had a harder time with him. There are so many cool ones for little kids. I finally decided on the xylophone. I thought he
would have a good time hitting something and a drum didn’t seem as thrilling. Now that we have the Dege Family Pajama Band in full effect, let’s see what happens:

America’s Got Talent here we come! Kinda sounds like nails scraping across a chalkboard. We had a fun time though, well at least Rich and I did. I think Roman may be slightly traumatized.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $14


Lucky for me, National Chocolate Cupcake Day is tomorrow so I can combine these holidays into one big celebration. Today I made the chocolate cupcakes and decorated them. Tomorrow I will enjoy shoving them in my fat mouth, yum! In the spirit of the season I thought it would be fun to do Halloween themed cupcakes. I found a few different decorating ideas and also just went all willy nilly with my creativity as well. Here is how they turned out:

Pretty spooky! I am happy with my creations. Tomorrow these cute cupcakes will meet their demise…

Total Cost to Celebrate: $16

Clip of the Day:

Cake Boss parody by some tweeners. Not sure why I find this amusing, but I do:

P.S. – Boy, I sure hope Roman is this creative when he gets older. These are those times you look back on and it just makes you laugh!