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I had some lofty ambitions for Egg Day. I went on the search for some new recipes and came across many new and exciting things to try. That’s the cool thing about eggs, they are extremely versatile. I found a couple of recipes from around the globe to make Egg Day extra worldly. Chinese Restaurant Egg Drop Soup, Scotch Eggs and Eggs Florentine, what a spread! I set off on my dinner making adventure and quickly became overwhelmed with my undertaking. I obviously planned too much to do with too little time and things started to go downhill fast. I almost burned down the house because I had to fry the Scotch Eggs and since I am not used to frying things I overheated the oil. Smoke filled the house and it smelled like McDonald’s gone bad. Yuck. Plus, since the oil was way too hot I blacked the outside of the eggs and left the inside raw….yum. I attempted to make Hollandaise sauce for the Eggs Florentine and that was a no go as well. Boooo. Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy about the results. Here is what I looked like, defeated:

After some culinary magic, everything surprisingly tasted pretty decent. I suppose that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Here are some pictures of my not-so-amazing masterpieces:

At work this morning, Karri had some hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Here she is having fun with food:

I will try out some new egg recipes soon….just ONE at a time!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $10 – eggs are cheap too!


Clip of the Day:

Screaming Eggs. I sure hope food really doesn’t think like this, that’s creepy:


P.S. – This is what eggs’ brains look like on drugs.