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I’m finally up to date with my blog, yay! To celebrate Top Spinning Day I figured I would go pick up a top or two and have some twirling fun. Shame on me for not preparing earlier because I could not find a single top out there. Now, maybe I was looking in the wrong places but I seriously scoured both Target and Michael’s and came up empty-handed. I know that Party City probably has tops, but I wasted my entire lunch hour and therefore had to turn to Plan B. This plan involved me making a top at home. Sounds like a good time! Step 1: Find an instructional video:

Step 2: Follow said video and make a terrific top:

Step 3: Spin that baby like there is no tomorrow (I know you can’t see the action here, but take my word for it that thing was a spinning):

Step 4: Pay attention to your cat that you have been neglecting for the last 10.5 months:

Roman was already asleep, but I’m sure he would have destroyed this guy once he got his little mitts on it. I’m sure he will have plenty of time to demolish it tomorrow. Happy Top Spinning!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


My teddy bear has been really looking forward to this holiday. He is getting tired of being slobbered on by the Romanator, he was ready to have some real adult interaction. R.J. Bear was created on my 18th birthday. That means he just turned 11 years old, man he’s getting up there. My friends and I went to Build-A-Bear Workshop and I chose this little fella to take home with me. His name is R.J. Bear after Richard Joseph. He had a cute little football outfit once upon a time that has since vanished into thin air. Although he technically belongs to me, I have passed him down to Roman. Since his initials are the same as his Dad’s, it’s a perfect fit. R.J. and I were happy to spend some quality cuddle time together though. Here we are at the office:

R.J. Bear working hard….or bearly working….yuk yuk yuk!

I liked taking my teddy bear to work today, it sparked a lot of fun conversation. Everyone has a special stuffed animal in their life, it’s nice to just give them a squeeze every now and then!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

The best top spinning scene EVER – Inception:

P.S. –  Bravo on a perfect ending to a movie.