October 11th Holiday


Today is the day to face your fears. I thought long and hard about this one and discovered that all of my fears are not something that I should subject myself to in order to celebrate this holiday. You know, getting stabbed, shot, my child getting severely hurt, having a strange person break into our home….things like that. It seemed to basically defeat the purpose of this happiness blog bringing that horrific stuff upon myself and my family. I truly do not have any crazy phobias. I used to get really weirded out about people touching my face. Something about dirty hands on my face caused me to breakout just thinking about it. Yuck. I have since overcome that fear. Going to school for massage therapy will force you to get over your fear of having pretty much all of your body exposed and manipulated. These days, I look forward to the face touching portion of a massage. It feels really good and releases a lot of stress! My only other major fear is the stranger breaking in at night scenario. I have essentially faced this fear in my mind and developed a plan of action and escape route. I also have an aluminum baseball bat, pepper spray and a gun (although it is a non-functional pellet gun, it looks totally real!) within easy reach in case this fear ever comes to fruition. I think facing fears is important, especially if it is causing issues in your day to day life. So, to celebrate this holiday, I instead chose to have a little fun with some of the more irrational fears that exist. I found a plethora of sites dedicated to all the odd phobias out there, and boy there are a ton. I suppose a person can be afraid of anything so it makes sense that there is a scientific name for each and every one. Here is the Dege family facing some unusual fears. First, me feigning the fear of beards, or Pogonophobia as it is called by the more intelligent sector:

Next is Rich acting out the fear of giraffes (Giraffobia), ahhhhhhh!!!!

Finally, we have Roman miming the fear of red (Ereuthophobia) and/or the fear of string (Linonophobia or Cnidophobia, apparently the fear of string is so prevalent they need TWO names for it!):

He was really crying about something else and I just threw the pillow in the shot. Don’t think I’m subjecting my child to unnecessary punishment here! As an added bonus, here are a few other ones I found that I thought were pretty amusing:


Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. I cannot believe they actually have a real name for this, that is nuts….PEANUTS!


Bogyphobia – Fear of the bogeyman. Who doesn’t fear the bogeyman? Really, who??


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophia – Fear of long words. Wow….adding insult to injury on this one.


Ideophobia – Fear of ideas. How is this resolved? Lobotomy?


Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

Fear Factor Haircut. Oh the things people will do for money:

P.S. –  Automatonophobia: Fear of ventriloquists’ dummies. I may actually have this one. Those things freak me out.