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October 7th Holiday


We are now finally at our final destination, Maryland. We were going to visit our pals Jessie, John and Ava. My main goal for World Smile Day was to get a picture of the youngsters smiling together. I did not succeed in this because a) it is easy to get Roman to smile, but hard to get Ava smile and b) it is easy to get Ava to stay still, but very difficult to get Roman to stop moving for .5 seconds. I did however get smiles out of both of them separately. Here are our cute (if i do say so myself!) babies grinning away in their matching Halloween outfits:

Cutest picture ever!!!!

Roman checking out his little lady. Yes, this looks cute but he really was just looking for hair to pull:

Jessie smiling it up with Baby Ava:

Mommies and babies going for a stroll around the neighborhood:

We even got a picture of John smiling, yay!

Great times with great friends. We had tons of reasons to smile on this holiday!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers:

P.S. – Smile!!! It will always make you feel better, always!