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October 6th Holiday


As you saw from yesterday’s post, we were on our way to our nation’s capital. We spent the day exploring the sites in the fabulous October weather. Since it was Mad Hatter Day I of course had to sport my super special top hat to celebrate. Here I am in front of the Washington Monument looking mad (in a crazed way, not an angry way):

I even got Rich to participate, although his eyes are closed in this pic it’s still a good one:

Yes, people thought we were strange. That’s what Mad Hatter Day is all about, being silly. Later in the day we visited the Museum of Natural History where we took a few more funny pictures to celebrate the holiday:

As you can see, I was rocking my Detroit Tigers garb. I found a tiger and felt the need to predict the victory that did indeed happen later that evening:

Special thanks go out to John, our resident Yankees fan, who graciously handled his team losing. You’re a great sport!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $3


Clip of the Day:

Progression of a Mad Hatter. Extra funny plus it explains the origins of mad hatters:

P.S. – Week 8 is my favorite. Oh, so I see the floor is here.