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October 5th Holiday


When I first saw this holiday I misconstrued it as Ballooning Around the World. I was obviously mistaken. After doing my usual due diligence I figured out what it really was all about, fun with balloon animals! I have no experience whatsoever with balloon sculpting but you all know I’m down to learn anything these days. I purchased some balloons and a pump and looked up a few simple balloon animal instructions online. Since October 5th was our ‘travel day’ I worked on my masterpieces while doing some backseat driving on the way to Washington, D.C. First I made this dashing doggie:

Hey! Pretty good! Next up was a swan:

I had some issues with the neck bend on that one, but not too bad. Roman enjoyed some of my rejects:

First stop on our road trip – Cleveland, home of the A Christmas Story House:

It wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped, but we left a souvenir either way. I love Rich’s face in this picture, he’s such a good sport about all these crazy holidays:

Next stop, Pittsburgh. We rode to the top of the city via the Monongahela Incline:

Great view of the city! Our yellow pup loved it too:

We ended up in D.C. that evening and I took our little dog with us to the Lincoln Memorial. Unfortunately, somewhere between the hotel and the monument our pup abandoned ship (aka – Roman’s stroller). So, no D.C. pics for this holiday.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $4


Clip of the Day:

Balloon animal adventures. This guy is pretty funny:

P.S. – I think I can turn this into a real profession. All I need now is a creepy clown costume.