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Where oh where did I go to celebrate National Taco Day?? I bet you will never guess, no way, no how. Go ahead, give it your best shot. Give up? It was Taco Bell. Are you shocked? I figured you would be. When I told several people that I was planning on going to this fast food establishment to enjoy tacos today they were perplexed. I actually was asked why I was going to ‘waste’ Taco Day by eating that crap. Well, for your information, I like Taco Bell tacos…a lot. In fact, when I go to the so-called fancy Mexican restaurants I rarely order tacos because I like things like burritos and enchiladas better. Plus, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I prefer the Taco Bell Grade F beef they use in their tacos, it’s delicious. So what if they don’t want to tell anyone what is in it, I’m sure they just don’t want to share their secret recipe (just like those hacks at KFC). I hopped on over to the local TB to grab some lunch today, feast your eyes on this:

Wow, looks really appealing all wrapped up like that huh? Oh, they were perfect just like always. Here I am crunching away:

ALWAYS crunchy tacos, soft are for the weak.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $ 4.29



Vodka straight up! Thank you! Vodka is my liquor of choice so it is a great thing that National Vodka Day is always on October 4th. Why is that, you ask? Well, that’s because today is my birthday, friends. My last year in my 20’s….boooooo…..Actually, I’m just kidding. I’m sticking at 28, so disregard that previous comment. My darling son surprised me last night with an early b-day gift. It was a bottle of Belevedere vodka (and beautiful flowers from my wonderful husband):

He told me he didn’t even get carded. I’m beginning to wonder about these liquor store employees…hmmm…..Either way, I knew I had to enjoy some spirits to celebrate today’s holiday. There was a slight problem though, we didn’t have anything to mix with vodka. Normally we are beer and wine drinkers, the hard stuff only comes out during parties/weddings/post-terrible workdays. After some searching, I decided on some grape Kool-Aid. Yeah. Not so great, but I had a few sips anyhow:

I couldn’t get too tipsy since we are leaving for our road trip vacation tomorrow at the eye-squinting hour of 5am…ouch! I already know I’m going to be struggling because I of course have to stay up to watch the Tigers WIN (yes, I’m writing this in the middle of the game so the actual outcome is not known at this point). As an added note, since we are going on vaca I am not sure if I will be updating this during the next several days or if I will just wait until we get home. Stay tuned to find out!!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0 – it was a gift!!

Song of the Day:

Bottoms Up by Trey Songz. This song makes me want to party!

P.S. – Whoa, hold on to your hats…this video should have a seizure warning attached…