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Fortunately for today’s holiday I have a child I can exploit. Roman at this exact moment in time is not 100% healthy. He has been fighting off a cold for a while (either I gave it to him or vice versa…germs are just a flying around here) so he has a bit of a runny nose these days. He is getting better though. Rich and I are doing everything we are supposed to do to keep our little guy as healthy as possible. He goes to the doctor regularly, gets all the shots he needs and we try to feed him good food rather than the crap we eat. To celebrate today’s holiday I snapped a few pics of Roman practicing his healthy lifestyle. Here he is eating his favorite food, frozen peas (brain food for baby):

Washing hands, yay!

Doing some laps with his wagon, not long before he’s sans assistance:

Brushing his teeth before bed (or chewing on the toothbrush, same difference):

So there you have it, a healthy child. Hopefully he maintains these habits as he grows older. I suppose I should start to lead by example…shoot.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0


Clip of the Day:

The world’s strongest boy…I’m extremely weirded out by this:

P.S. – Hey kid, what was in your immunizations?? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle green ooze??