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Today’s holiday is not about replacing an old burnt out bulb that you had forgotten about; it is about energy conservation. A really easy way to make your household more ‘green’ is by simply changing out your energy sucking lightbulbs to the more energy-efficient versions. Okay, no sweat. Roman and I made a trip to our favorite store, Target, and picked up a few new bulbs for today’s celebration:

By the way, this was after we witnessed both the Lions and Tigers kicking some major booty!! Just had to throw that in there since we are sporting our Detroit pride in the picture. These bad boys cost substantially more than regular lightbulbs, but they are allegedly good for 5 years. Therefore, as it notes on the packaging, you will actually save $59 bucks over the lifetime of these 2 bulbs. Hmm….very interesting. I swapped out my living room lamp bulb to embrace our new eco-friendly ambience:

I’ll keep you all posted and let you know if this goes bad before the 5 year mark hits.


Total Cost to Celebrate: $13

Clip of the Day:

Hold it, maybe I should switch back according to this news report:


P.S. – OF COURSE they found something wrong…nothing in this world is safe anymore according to them….whoever they are…