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For today’s holiday I had a few ideas on how to celebrate. After reading up on how to be a good neighbor, I realized the easiest way to achieve this is to present our own house/lawn/yard in the best way possible. So, I decided a good thing to do would be to cut our safari-like lawn and finally pull all the weeds we have growing in our driveway cracks. I even thought about getting real crazy and trimming our hedges. This is loooooong overdue. Seriously, Rich and I have been talking about doing it since about April. Yes, we are those neighbors that aren’t the greatest at maintaining our landscaping. Believe me, we are by far not even close to the worst on the block, but we are also not winning any beautification awards anytime soon. I had actually intended on doing this yesterday since I had a busy day planned today and I knew Rich wasn’t going to be home to supervise Roman during my adventure. Then it rained yesterday. Oh well, I could just squeeze it in today somehow. Yeah…it was pouring rain when I got home today. Here I am with my sad face in our overgrown front yard:

Boooo. At least my intentions were there, right?? I’m sure my neighbors would tell you that intentions are not upping their property values anytime soon. I will make up for this though, I will find a way to get on the good neighbor list. I started by reading up on good neighbor etiquette. Here are a few of the biggies from a hubpages.com article:

1. Mow your freaking lawn

Uh oh….we’re not starting off good here…

2. For the love of God, shut that damn dog up

Points for us! We don’t have a dog, therefore we do not have to muzzle anything.

3. Park in front of your own house

I 100% concur with this rule. Unfortunately, we have some other neighbors that do not.

4. Invite me to your party, or at least give fair warning first

I can safely say that we are no longer the young punks that moved in here 5 years ago. I admit that we did have a rager or two that I am sure severely affected many of our surrounding households. Those days are gone. Now we are those cranky neighbors that are getting all up in arms if people are talking on the street after 9pm. We have a sleeping baby in here, didn’t you know that?!?! You wake him up, YOU deal with the consequences.

4. Turn your music down

I have always been respectful of this rule. This isn’t as bad living in a house as it is living in an apartment. Hey EMU chicas, remember Monique?? Oh boy, she was just the worst.

5. Take your garbage out

We always take our garbage out on time. We get extra special brownie points on this one because we have actually employed our young neighbor to take our garbage in for us for the low low rate of $1 per week. It’s a good deal for all parties involved.

6. Slow down – You drive too fast

I find it hard to drive at an accelerated speed on our street because there are usually zillions of cars parked on both sides. Other people don’t seem to have this problem though, they need to heed the 25 mph speed limit. Put the pedal to the metal on the expressway when you have a much lower chance of mowing over a kid.

So there you have it. Follow these simple rules and you too can be on the good neighbor list!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0

Clip of the Day:

Well, not so much a clip as a picture and a blurb. I thought of Minnie and Roman from Rosemary’s Baby as the worst neighbors. They don’t seem all that bad except they are super annoying (especially Minnie). The kicker is that they are the leaders of a satanic cult. I’m sure some of you out there are thinking your neighbors may fall into this category as well:

Rosemary's Baby, Ruth Gordon | MINNIE CASTEVET Rosemary's Baby (1968) Some obnoxious neighbors play their music too loud. Others never return that Phillips-head screwdriver they borrowed last spring. Sweet ol'…

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
Some obnoxious neighbors play their music too loud. Others never return that Phillips-head screwdriver they borrowed last spring. Sweet ol’ Minnie Castevet (Ruth Gordon) and her husband, Roman, corrupt Rosemary’s husband in order to enable Satan to rape and impregnate her. What’s done is done, but I would still bring this up at the next co-op meeting.

P.S. – This movie is the sole reason my Mother strongly disliked the name Roman. I suppose I can see how it may have a slightly negative connotation in this particular circumstance…