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My Aunt Chris is the ancestry expert in our family. I asked her for access to our family tree on Ancestry.com and was surprised by some of the things I found on there. Marriages I didn’t know about, relatives I have never heard of and the crazy number of children people used to have back in the olden days. Everyone is always asked what their heritage is…where do you come from? I have been pretty spot on with what I had thought. My Great Great Grandparents hail from where else? Canada:

If you go up a bit further, I have ancestors from Scotland and Ireland. Maybe that’s why my maiden name means green in French, huh? That is all on my Dad’s side. On my Mom’s side, my Grandfather was the family historian. He traced his roots back to jolly ol’ England. So, it appears I am from straight up European/Canadian decent. Real original. Why can’t I have some random relatives from some really exotic country like Morocco or Thailand? Either way, I wouldn’t be who I am today (or in existence altogether for that matter) without my ancestors so I am grateful to all of them for that fact alone. Next up, looking into Rich’s family tree. Maybe he has some more exciting origins!

Total Cost to Celebrate: $0



This year, the World Tourism Day festivities were held in Egypt. I tried to get the time off work to go, but it didn’t pan out. Yeah, I wish. Instead, I had to improvise and bring some Egypt to me. Here I am walking like an Egyptian (nerd alert…I know):

Rich and I also indulged in some quality Middle Eastern cuisine. Here is what you get when you order the Sultan’s Feast:

Holy Moley! This is for 2 people?? I thought Americans were overweight, I’m beginning to wonder what Egyptians look like if this is a standard sized meal for them. Oh, I see what is going on here. Since they are serving us fat Americans, they super size the food…it’s a vicious circle. Here is what it looked like after we ate, looks like we barely make a dent:

I would love to really see Egypt one day though. The closest I have been so far is The Luxor hotel in Vegas. I have a feeling the real Sphinx is slightly more spectacular than the pseudo-statue in Sin City.

Total Cost to Celebrate: $25

Clip of the Day:

Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles. Betcha didn’t see this one coming, did you?

P.S. – The Bangles vs. The Go-Go’s in a street fight, who wins?